At ICS we believe in teamwork and as such ICS works with a team of experts who can boost ICS company’s growth, and provide continuous support to our activities worldwide. The following
professionals provide such expertise:

• Dr. Jehad Al Omari- Contract Management and Local Capacity Building, Amman Jordan.
• Donna Lewis, Finance and Strategic Planning, Maryland, USA
• Klaus Michael Koch- Fabric Structures and Solar Systems, Rimsting, Germany.
• Dr. Ian Toma, Regulatory Affairs, Vienna, USA.
• Karrye Y. Braxton, Monitoring & Evaluation, Washington, DC USA.
• Sam Koduah, P.E., Project Monitoring, Washington, DC USA.
• Ross Croulet- Strategic Planning, Florida, USA.
• Scott Heimberg, Legal Affairs, Washington, DC.
• Omar Abdul Karim, Information Technology Systems, Dubai, UAE.
• Zaina Arafat, Proposal Writing and Edit, New York, USA
• Eric Youngren-Modular Solar Systems- Washington, USA