Global Health and Supply Chain Management Projects
ICS is an incumbent contractor for some of the medical technology projects in Middle East. Our experience in such projects is ranging from design and construction of medical facilities to supply and installation of medical equipment, comprehensive health information systems, and medical professional training tools. Read more

Information Technology and Technical Support Projects
As early as 1990, ICS recognized the growing market for Information Technology (IT) Worldwide, and created a dedicated division for IT services. Using the services of hardware and software engineers and programmers with extensive collective experience in IT solutions enhanced the IT expertise of ICS, which allowed ICS to successfully implement numerous projects in hardware procurement/configuration, software development, data migration, and network installation. Read more

Environmental and Renewable Energy Contracts
ICS has successfully implemented a range of projects in Environmental Protection and Renewable Energy fileds. During the past several years, ICS have been awarded over 15 projects in design, supply, installation, and training of Environmental Control and Monitoring Laboratories. The majority of these projects were implemented under Energy Efficiency and Environment Commodity Import Program (EECIP). Read more

Construction Management Services Projects
The diversified experience of ICS allows us to initiate, design, evaluate the economic effect and implement very complex projects. Our group of consultants is composed of best professionals in the different area, which enables us to be successful in the integration of different technologies at the customer's request. Read more

Our Projects and Achievements

Seaport IDIQ Multiyear Contract for Professional Services
The U.S. Navy awarded ICS multiyear IDIQ contract under SeaPort vehicle. The SeaPort -e is the Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management. The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, the United States Marine Corps, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) compete their service requirements amongst 1800+ SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract holders. The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized, efficient means of soliciting offers from amongst the diverse population of large and small businesses and their approved team members. All task orders are competitively solicited, awarded and managed using the SeaPort-e platform. Since nearly 85% of its contract–holders are small businesses, the SeaPort-e approach to acquiring services provides opportunity that fuels the Nation’s engine of job growth.

Supply Chain Management contract to Provide the ICT and Solar Equipment to over 1000 Schools in Tanzania
Creative Associates as Prime contractor to USAID under the TZ21 project, awarded ICS a subcontractor valued over $6 Million to provide the ICT and Solar equipment together with its associated services to over 1000 schools in several cities and towns in Zanzibar and Mtwara Regions in Tanzania. The ICT equipment consisted mainly of over 5,000 Classmates, Desktops, together with Printers, Scanners, Routers, Switches, LCD Projector, and the Solar equipment consist mainly of solar panels, batteries, invertors, chargers and capacitors. In addition to the procurement and logistics of the ICT and Solar systems.

eFAST $2 Billion 7-year IDIQ Contract on Procurement Services
The U.S. Federal Aviation Agency awarded ICS the Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) IDIQ contract. This IDIQ contract is for seven years with a ceiling of $2 Billion. The eFAST contract is FAA’s preferred acquisition vehicle that satisfies Small Business requirements with multiple contract types with performance-based solutions available. The contract is awarded based on adherence to acquisition excellence with access to trusted and reliable small business industry partners who are dedication to customer support and satisfaction with proven performance track record.

Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes (TILO)
Creative Associates International Inc. (CAII), the prime contractor for the USAID Education Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes project (TILO), awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. in early December 2008, a multi-million dollar contract to computerize over 160 schools in different parts of Egypt. ICS role will be to establish fully electrical and data networked computer labs in each school, train the Ministry of Education’s administrators and provide a three-year, web-based helpdesk warranty services to every school at the different districts in Egypt. TILO, is a four-year contract to support the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s reform policy goals to provide students with the skills and knowledge to compete in a global economy. The project will build support for computer use in the classroom and among education officials and communities.
ICS will establish a staging area that will be used to support the quality control activities for all equipment arriving into Egypt. Equipment will then be configured and be prepared for dispatch to each school according to CAII and the MOE master plan. The staging facility will also provide the technical and warranty support for all schools during the next three years. Each computer lab will consist of several computers and printers connected in a Local Area Network, supported by wireless routers and wireless access points. Those schools will be the model for the new concept that CAII is implementing under the TILO program throughout Egypt.

US Army Contract W91GEY-08-M-5196, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR )
The Multi National Corps (MNC-I) a division of the U.S. Army in Iraq awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. of McLean, VA, a multi-million dollar contract to procure, and install IT H/W, S/W, and VSAT Bandwidth and provide basic operation and maintenance training to MoHESR computer lab technical support personnel at each computer lab site.
The purpose of this contract is to provide IT laboratory infrastructure to facilitate eight (8) sites and the training necessary to operate and maintain the system. The infrastructure will encompass both the hardware (PCs, servers, switches, cabling, network sockets, access points, etc.) and the software (operating systems and applications) together with VSAT and bandwidth joining all sites within one Wide Area Network to support a fully functional technical training environment in several Centers all over Iraq. The Iraqi Higher education system, administered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR) consists of thirty six institutions located around the country. These facilities provide post-secondary education in business management, industrial technology, and medical technology. Eighteen of these MoHESR facilities along with a select few educational facilities from Ministry of Education (MoEd) will act as educational facilities to transition Sons of Iraq (SoI) into civilian employment through the Joint Technical Education and Reintegration Program (JTERP), a training program in technical and vocational education. These institutes did provide computer labs and internet access in the past, but the equipment and infrastructure was looted and/or damaged. As a result, it is impossible to provide computer training or computer- based training to students, web-based research to students and faculty, and JTERP. The procurement and installation of new information technology (IT) hardware (H/W) and software will be procured and installed in eight of these education centers.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
On November, 2008, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. the high-end technical contract to establish a complete VSAT Network between 12 different locations in Iraq and in Jordan. The project is managed by UNDP-Iraq office in Amman, Jordan, where this office will host the focal point of the system. The other locations will serve VSAT installations at the UK FCO Compound in Basra Military Enclave in Iraq. The system will be managed using Vipersat Management System (VMS) that will be Configured by ICS together with providing On-site training including the VMS software Installation, Network Configuration, Operations & Maintenance for all network and hubs together with remote equipment installation that will guarantee a fully functioning network.

U.S. Army / Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA), Iraq
The Multi National Corps (MNC-I) a division of the U.S. Army in Iraq awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. in October of 2008, a multi-million dollar contract to procure, and install IT H/W, S/W, and VSAT Bandwidth and provide basic operation and maintenance training to MoLSA computer lab technical support personnel at each employment center. The purpose of this one year contract is to provide IT laboratory infrastructure to facilitate eleven sites and the training necessary to operate and maintain the system. The infrastructure will encompass both the hardware (PCs, servers, switches, cabling, network sockets, access points, etc.) and the software (operating systems and applications) together with VSAT and bandwidth joining all sites within one Wide Area Network to support a fully functional technical training environment in several training centers. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) has over 20 established employment centers throughout Iraq. The primary purpose of these centers is to link unemployed citizens and MoLSA Vocational Technical Schools (VoTech) graduates with viable long-term employment. They also act as a means for unemployed citizens to register for Iraqs Social Safety Net and MoLSAs VoTech programs. As Iraq continues to develop, there will continue to be a significant demand for many trades and professions. These employment centers must be able to match unemployed or underemployed workers with the many companies doing business in Iraq in need of those specific skills across the country. In an effort to enhance and expand the capabilities of each individual employment center to assist Sons of Iraq (SOI), released detainees, and military aged males in finding jobs upon completion of their training through Joint Technical Education and Reintegration Program (JTERP), new information technology (IT) hardware (H/W) and software (S/W) will be procured and installed in ten of these employment centers and the Wazariyah MoLSA Headquarters.

World Health Organization (WHO)
The World Health Organization (WHO) office in Amman Jordan, awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. in August 2008, the contract to establish 20 computerized centers connected via VSAT in 20 different location all over Iraq. ICS was commissioned by the World Health Organization with this critical project for its operations in Iraq and those of the Ministry of Health where communication between various Primary Health Units was seen as the first step in building up Health Care Services in Iraq. The project duration from the arrival of equipment to final installation was schedule for 3 months but it was achieved in 34 days thus exceeding all client and end user expectations based on previous experiences.
As part of the ICS commitment under contract, the ICS TAC Team continues to monitor connectivity on a 24 hour basis reporting progress and troubleshooting all technical issues as they occur and directly with IT Engineers in each of the 20 sites.
This project not only demonstrates ICS Technical and Logistical Capabilities but goes to underline its ability to work under accelerated schedules, where needed, its commitment to completion ahead of agreed schedules and its ability to take on strategic projects.

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Management Systems International (MSI), the prime contractor of USAID Tatweer Project awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. in July of 2008, multi-million dollar task orders comprising of five different contracts in its effort to computerize the Ministry of Planning in Iraq.
The USAID Tatweer project (development in Arabic) [ ] provides comprehensive assistance to Iraqi ministries and offices delivering services to the Iraqi people. Tatweer helps the government of Iraq rebuild its civil service as part of a general U.S. commitment to a strong, independent Iraqi government providing its people with food, medicine, power and a better future.
The contracts included the following Task Orders:

  • Provide complete network of Video-conferencing Telecommunication between 15 different site in different areas in Iraq using the state-of-the-art Polycom VTC systems.
  • Provide and install IT equipment (computers, servers, printers, scanners,…) at two COSIT sites for the Ministry of Planning—Baghdad
  • Provide and install V-SAT equipment in two Ministry of Planning locations together with provision of Bandwidth.
  • Effect an integrated solution together with various software applications throughout the department as a gateway for Electronic Government
  • Provide and Install Video Conferencing Facilities in the Ministry of Planning location in Baghdad using Tandberg Video Conferencing System

This project calls upon ICS expertise in several areas including procurement, logistics, warehousing, system integration, training and installation. The limited time frame together with the considerable amount of equipment and details involved in getting the system up and running requires extensive experience in both project management and IT.

Ministry of Interior (Traffic Department Computerization)
The Electronic Industries Department, Ministry of Industry in Iraq, awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. in July 2008, the contract to provide and install various IT equipment to the Iraqi Traffic Department Whilst the initial design and Bill of Quantities was originally set out by the client / end user, the challenging part of this project existed in the final configuration and installation of the equipment. In other words, ICS expertise as Solution Providers and System Integrators was called upon, and not only to provide and install equipment.
Basically, the project comprised of a complete turnkey solution for 60 operators to enable them to process, scan and document all licensing applications in one seamless and flawless transaction from each work station together with full archiving system. The end result for the operator and the public is fast transactions and ultimately, it will present one of the several gateways for the electronic government.
Although the end user provided all the key definitions and preferences for this project, the challenge to any solution provider and system integrator is to support such requirement with cost optimization and full compatibility avoiding any future conflicts in technological terms.

ICS Named Sub-Contractor on USAID Global Health IQC Contract
ICS Technologies, Inc. won a sub-contractor position on the Chemonics International-led consortium to implement the five-year TASC3 Global Health Indefinite Quantity Contract, recently awarded by USAID.
The Population, Health and Nutrition Technical Assistance and Support Contract (TASC3) is a five year, $1 billion indefinite quantity contract awarded to provide worldwide support to USAID efforts to improve conditions in population, health and nutrition. It is an efficient, cost-effective way for USAID missions and regional bureaus to access technical expertise and program assistance from pre-selected teams of leading organizations in these fields. ICS forms an integral component of the Chemonics-led team that includes other leading organizations with decades of experience managing multi-year, multi-million dollar health projects for the U.S. government, a combined consultant pool of thousands of experts, and established offices and networks in more than 100 countries worldwide.
ICS role in the consortium is to provide the following services:

  • Local Capacity Building in procurement and distribution of drugs and contraceptives
  • Inventory Management and Warehouse Information Systems
  • Drug Distribution Systems

Some of the partners of the Chemonics consortium are Georgetown University Institute for Reproductive Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Helen Keller International, ICS Technologies, Initiatives Inc., JHPIEGO Corp., Medical Care Development International, New Jersey Medical School Global TB Institute, Project Hope, RAND Corp. Social and Scientific Systems, Inc., and Training Resources Group, Inc.

The computerization of 84 Schools in Iraq under a USAID Financed Educational Program (Centers of Excellence).
American Manufacturers Export Group acting as a Procurement Agent for Creative Associates, Inc. awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. the contract to computerize 84 schools in different regions around Iraq. The award also included 25 Servers for the Ministry of Education.
Iraq faces significant challenges in education. Many of Iraq's universities, schools, libraries and laboratories are ill-equipped, and teachers lack training in the modern educational methods required providing the education Iraqi youth need. Literacy is particularly challenging, as Iraq has one of the lowest rates in the Arab world (65%). USAID Educational programs have focused on improving teacher training, creating model schools and building or rehabilitating 900 schools nationwide. USAID's education program works closely with the Ministry of Education (MoEd) and local Directorates of Education throughout Iraq to build their capacity to create and maintain a high quality education system. The centerpiece of USAID's education program is the establishment of 84 "model" schools, four in each governorate and 16 in Baghdad, to pilot child-centered teaching styles coupled with computer and science labs. ICS will equip and install LAN Based Lab in each with State-of-the-Art equipment. ICS has chosen Dell Computer Systems to be its lead partner on this project. Once established, the goal is for the MoEd to replicate these "centers of excellence" throughout Iraq to serve as the basis for the transformation of the Iraqi education system.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC have extended ICS contract to provide technical assistance and logistical support under the Jordan Applied Epidemiology Project. The CDC International & Territories Acquisition and Assistance Branch (ITAAB) extended to ICS Technologies, Inc. the third option year under a five-year contract for Logistic Support Services of CDC Middle East regional office in Amman, Jordan. In response to a request from the Jordanian Ministry of Health (MOH) and with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Amman, the Data for Decision Making (DDM) program Designed a project aimed at improving the access to and use of surveillance information within the MOH. Jordan Surveillance Project (JSP) started in 1998 with main purpose to provide MOH with the capacity to produce sufficient health information and to make policy determinations, resource allocation and programmative improvements to increase effectiveness and efficiency of public health practice. The project consist of two main activities: Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) - a two-year residency program for health professionals, and DDM training program - on the job training in the principles of epidemiology, surveillance, management and communication of public health professionals.

University of Mosul
First University in Iraq to be connected via VSAT under a USAID Financed Program. ICS Technologies, Inc. has completed the establishment of a complete LAN and WAN for the University of Mosul to be the first university in Iraq to be connected to the Internet under a USAID financed program. ICS was awarded this contract from the Mississippi Consortium for International Development on behalf of USAID to carry out IT Infrastructural improvement at the University of Mosul Campus including consultancy, design and implementation for over 58 campus building. ICS activities under this program included the following:
The design of a complete Fiber Optic Backbone infrastructure. All fiber optic cables were spliced, terminated and tested and then certified. Complete network of manholes, ducting system and termination pits were provided.
The design of LAN and WAN using state of the art Cisco switches and routers together with Cisco firewall, VPN application,, DMZ and SSH-SSL encrypted data transmission, Intrusion Detection Sensor System.

  • Implementation of CISCO Security Server Agent on Windows and Solaris Platforms
  • Provide Internet access via V-SAT (4MB Bandwidth, 2.4 M Antenna) using CDM600L COMTEC EF Data Transmission Receiver with built-in Turbocodec chip and 8 PSK Modulation.
  • Implement Microsoft ISA Server.
  • Training of Iraqi Engineers for takeover of camp on project completion.

Advanced First Responder Network (AFRN)
ICS has successfully completed its contractual obligations under the AFRN for the US Department of the Army. The US Department of the Army awarded ICS Technologies, Inc. the contract to supply the equipment, systems and services under the Advanced First Responder Network (AFRN) for the Iraqi Ministry of Interior (MOI). The AFRN System enables interoperable communications to security and safety forces throughout Iraq. This network provides integrated voice and data communications to police forces, ambulance and fire services. The operational system consists of the following major components:

  • 3 Mobile Switching Offices (MSOs) in Baghdad, Basra, and Kirkuk,
  • 9 Governate Dispatch Centers (GDCs) in Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk, Hillah, Mosul, Al Kut, Diwaniyah, Samawah, and Tikrit,
  • Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs) as follows: Baghdad (24), Basra (7), Kirkuk (6), Hillah (3), Mosul (10), Al Kut (2), Baqubah (1), Karbala (2), Najaf (3), Samarra (1), Bayji (1), Diwaniyah (1), Samawah (1), Tikrit (1), and Nasiriyah (3)
  • Handheld, mobile, and desktop user radios (approximately 30,000) many with GPS capabilities

ICS used equipment form several manufacturers including Dell Computer Systems, Hewlett-Packard(HP), Barrett Communications, Cisco Systems and Gateway for secure and portable facsimile equipment for military applications.