Diversity of products:
ICS Technologies is specialized in turnkey supply, installation, and commissioning of various goods. The primary goal of ICS in many projects is to identify the products and services, which comply with request and provide suitable solutions. In case when the in-house expertise of our personnel is not sufficient to achieve the goal, we are addressing those questions to our team of consultants in different industries, whose combined knowledge and experience allows ICS to develop the necessary solutions for a particular task.

Our product offering is based on many cases of long-term relationships with major manufacturers of goods. In addition to offering their products, we provide the manufacturers with added services such as consulting on their international promotion and assistance in selecting partners in developing countries. As such we treat our manufacturers as partners rather than suppliers.

Sample of Products Provided

Information Systems: Computers, Servers, Laptops, Routers, Switches, Access Point, UPS Systems, Printers, Satellite Systems and other related equipment

Medical Equipment: Hospital Beds, Infant Incubators, X-Ray Machines, MRI systems, Surgery Room Equipment, and other related equipment

Solar Systems: Solar Panel, Batteries, Inverters, Controllers, Wire Harnesses and other related systems.

Fields of Expertise:

IT Equipment Medical Equipment Clinical Laboratory Equipment Environmental Laboratories Communication Equipment Warehouse Tracking Equipment Solar Panels Security Films